Intuition: Trust Your Body

Did you know that your body is continually speaking to you?

We all know we have different sensations for our physical needs.

Your body communicates to you when it’s tired.

It tells you when it’s hungry, or cold.

Did you know that your body can determine truth for you too?

Your body can tell you if a decision is right for you, or not.

When you hold a thought in your mind, it is then reflected into your body as a sensation. This sensation is known as a feeling or emotion. You can feel your emotions anywhere in your body, especially around the chakras.

 When one of these sensations feel constricted, tight, bad, or you can feel the flow of energy stop, then that thought, or decision, is not right for you. 

When you feel expansive, light, and at peace, then that means it influences you in a positive way. 

You can tell how a situation will turn out beforehand, by your feelings. You can feel into the energy of the experience. 

I personally am working on trusting those sensations in my body to help me determine what decisions to make. I find that I’m actually tapping in to the energy of that potential situation and environment just by holding the thoughts about it in my mind. That feeling I have just thinking about the situation will only grow as I walk into that situation.

Trust your gut, trust your body, trust your chakras to lead you to where you truly want to be.


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