Root Chakra Affirmations to Become Grounded

Have you ever felt disconnected from what is happening around you?

  1. Becoming Grounded
  2. Root Chakra Affirmations
  3. Root Affirmation Video
  4. Affirmation List
    1. May You Be…
    2. May I Be…
    3. I Am…

Becoming Grounded

Strengthening your connection to the root chakra is one way to become more present and grounded in your life. It’s about connecting with nature, with your body and plant life. 

When you feel ungrounded it feels as if you cannot connect to the world around you. It’s like a “head in the clouds” feeling, and you can’t find your way back down. Feeling ungrounded is also related to anxiety or poor judgment of what needs to happen in your physical world. 

Being grounded, or having your root chakra open, invites a feeling of presence, clarity, peace, and an overall sense of wellbeing. Sometimes, you can even feel a load being lightened because you will be able to practically do what you need to.

One of my favorite ways to instill this beautiful open-root feeling is to practice affirmations. I have included some affirmations below, as well as a video to follow.

The format of these affirmations are a little bit different than other affirmations. These are inspired by a type of meditation called the “metta.” This type of meditation is perfect for setting the intention to open up the root chakra.

Different parts of affirmations:

  • May you be: spreads these qualities to others
  • May I be: allows these qualities within yourself
  • I am: affirms these affirmations into being

Root Chakra Affirmations

Root Affirmation Video

Affirmation List

May You Be…

May You Be Safe

May You Be Secure

May You Be Protected

May You Be Free from Danger

May You Be Happy

May You Be Healthy

May You Be Free From Suffering

May You Be Abundant in all aspects of life

May I Be…

May I Be Safe

May I Be Secure

May I Be Protected

May I Be Free from Danger

May I Be Happy

May I Be Healthy

May I Be Free From Suffering

May I Be Abundant in all aspects of life

I Am…

I am Safe

I am Secure

I am Protected

I am Free from Danger

I am Happy

I am Healthy

I am Free from Suffering

I am Abundant in all aspects of life


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