Be curious of your fears.

Are you feeling fear like so many are right now?

I invite you to explore your fear. Explore it instead of trying to melt it away with positivity. Find out why you are so afraid in the first place! Why are we so afraid?

What do we have to lose? Who are we when we’ve lost what we fear? Really sit with yourself and think about WHY you are afraid for a moment. When we are curious about something, it doesn’t seem to be as hard to deal with.

My weekly yoga class that I attend was online this week, and one of the teachers was telling us, in meditation, to surround ourselves with light, to boost our immune system. This didn’t feel right to me at all, I feel my heart collapse even as I write those words. There’s no need to improve anything. If you’re supposed to get sick, you will get sick. If you’re so afraid of something and fighting it so much, it’s only more likely to become apart of your reality.

It’s ok to be afraid– but also know that what comes with fear can be hope. You can be fearful and know that everything is exactly as it should be. You can be fearful and know that all of this was apart of the plan in the first place. If the world is supposed to be made new– there needs to be destruction of the old. Facing exactly what we don’t want to see, so it can be changed.


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