I’m meant to change, and so are you!
I am committed to change for the better
Sometimes we don’t grow unless we go,
We never learn until we reach out
Sometimes experiencing is what we need

I want to reach out
I want to experience
To play, to see, to hear, to know, to grow
I want to experience it all–
Things begin to change
Change is welcome in my life

If change never happened,
I would always be the same.
Riding with change is flow
Flowing is living the destination
Everything we desire is present,
As we step on the path

Once we make the choice to have something,
There’s no reason to want for it anymore–
It’s already ours.
Once the decision is made,
it’s only a matter of time
But it’s already here.
I can visit whatever I love, whatever I want anytime
I travel there in my heart,
I experience those feelings.

I learn from experiences
I grow, I change.
Nothing is meant to stay the same
Flowing with the motion is what I’m meant to do
I’m meant to change, and so are you.


2 thoughts on “Change

  1. That is so beautiful. Change is the only constant in life. I try to become a better person every day. I want to try new things. I want to learn every day something new, even when it’s only a fact or a new word. Change is important, as you said it means growing. Just don’t change for others. Always stay true to yourself.


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