Do Something Different

This the inspiration that came to me from watching a recording of a yoga class.

“Do something different”

If you’re feeling depressed, do something different.

If you’re feeling anxious, do something different.

If you want a change, do something different.

It seems so simple. so simple, in fact, that we might overlook it. 

“I’m doing all I can do”

“I’m trying everything”

“No matter what I do nothing changes”

These are all excuses I had been telling myself, but I hadn’t changed anything. I hadn’t done anything different, I just wanted things to happen, I wanted things to change around me so I could feel better. 

“Do something different”

I started writing. I stopped writing for months, and now I’ve written three blog posts. I’m doing something different, something that I enjoy FOR ME. Not for anyone else. And it feels so good. 

I write for myself, and I share so others may gain inspiration too. 

I feel as though my blog is dead. I feel no one reads it. 

My blog is alive for me because it gives me purpose. It gives me space to write.

Photo by Hello I’m Nik 🍌 on Unsplash


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