Exploring the Chakras

The chakras are known as energy “spirals” or “disks”. These energy centers interact with the physical body and they work to feed positive energy and dispose of unwanted energy. The Chakra vitality contributes to the prevention of illnesses, and reflects the overall wellness of the individual.

Chakras and Consciousness

The energy of the seven main chakras reflect states or levels of consciousness, your mindset, and your emotions. The lower chakras reflect the lower vibrations and states of consciousness, while the higher chakras reflect the higher states of consciousness.
The chakras are a system, they work with each other. We need to have our foundation in the lower chakras working for us if we hope to develop the higher abilities and attributes associated with the higher chakras. They all build and work with each other. It is necessary for all of them to do their part for us in our experience of life.

Even the wavelengths of the colors that represent the chakras themselves reflect the vibration of the chakra. Starting with red (lower wavelength color) at the base and then up to violet (higher vibration color) at the Crown of the head. The Chakras do work together as a system, you don’t need to have the lower chakras mastered in order to move onto the higher ones, but it’s important to have a strong foundation in the lower three before you try to build yourself up. It’s about finding balance and working with the progressions you need individually. Working with one chakra will improve the whole chakra system all together.

Prana and the Chakras

I hear all the time of people saying that they need to align their chakras, or that they’re out of place. This is not completely accurate, chakras never get out of physical alignment. The chakras have specific organs and glands of the body that they are associated with, and very specific physical locations that are connected to the physical body itself. The do not “float” out of place, and they do not need to be brought into physical alignment. They are already aligned, they are designed that way. It is their nature.

What’s more accurate to say about this is that they may not be moving prana well, they energy may be stagnant or blocked. The chakra may not be as vibrant as they could be, or they could be too vibrant and overactive. Sometimes it’s not beneficial at times in our lives to have all of our chakras open and balanced. Some may be out of balance for a reason, it’s our job to work on connecting with the chakras with love, not force.

Breath and the Chakras

The Chakras rise and fall with the breath, just like the breath. They can be as small as your fist, or they can get up to the size of a basketball, extending outside of the physical limits of the body at times. They have a natural ebb and flow, constantly moving, spinning, spiraling energy. With the inhale, the upper chakras expand, from the heart up. With the exhale, those upper chakras come inward while the lower chakras expand. They literally rise and fall with the breath. The breath can be used to connect with the chakras, by simply directing your breath to whichever chakra you wish to experience.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to do a post on each of the seven main chakras to explore their consciousness level, characteristics, and some tips for balancing each chakra. The chakras I will be highlighting are the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and the crown. We will be going into detail on the chakras and exploring what you will experience when they are out of balance, or in balance.
Please leave any questions you have about the chakras in the comments, I’d love to explore them with you!




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