Om Namah Shivaya

I bow to that which I am becoming,

May my attachments fall away,

I can let go; I can breathe.

May I transform into all that I can be,

May the light fill me up,

while all that is un-needed falls away,

We can never lose the love within our heart.

We can never lose that hope, that faith in a bright life,

All that we lose is the taking away of what’s untrue

All we lose is what is no longer meant to be a part of us.

For it has served its own purpose, in its own time.

I appreciate all that is taken away that does not reflect my true self,

When the world seems to be changing around us,

I bow to that which I am becoming.

Om namah shivaya, Om namah shivaya, Om namah shivaya.

May this be your mantra as you let go–

May you become all that you are meant to be.

I bow to that which takes away.

What I am left with is who I am.

When things are being taken away out of our lives it can be painful. What once was there isn’t anymore. Where we are going is far better then that which we are leaving behind.

This mantra has filled my heart with hope, I invite you to adopt it as your own too.



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