Protecting Yourself

At some point you may find yourself in a situation where your environment, or something outside of you feels toxic, draining, or unhealthy for you. Protection and safety from this external circumstance may be what you are seeking.

Focus on You

When protecting yourself, it is helpful to focus your energy on yourself, rather then the source of the problem. If you focus your energy on that external thing, then you are feeding into the fear and the toxic patterns of the problem.

By focusing on yourself, you are giving yourself what you think you lack. You are filling in the need for blame with yourself. There’s no need to blame anyone for anything if you can solve the problem with yourself.

Strengthen Yourself

Nothing external is the problem. How we choose to deal with what life throws at us is what matters. No matter what happens to you, you can find the way out. Your heart is your roadmap out of any situation you find yourself in.

Raise your vibration so much, that the toxic environment cannot hurt you.
Build yourself up so much that no one can tear you down.
Be such a force of love, that everything around you becomes as love too.


Thank you for all you do.

You are worthy of all good!



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