Solar Plexus Chakra: Manipura

The Solar Plexus: The Energetic Center of Power, Wisdom, and Identity


The Solar plexus chakra represents our independence, figuring out who we are. We take this independence and enter into our willpower. The will to live and reach our aspirations in life. The main organ system of this chakra is the digestive system. The digestive system is wise; it takes whatever we put into it and knows when to take and when to throw away. There’s fire in belly to digest life’s experiences, the fuel to drive us forward.

There are three main aspects to the Solar Plexus Chakra
  1. Wisdom. One of the main organ systems of the Solar Plexus Chakra is the digestive system. This affects us in the integration of information. The digestive system is wise- it takes whatever we put into it and knows when to take and when to let go. Connecting to this energy center allows us to connect to the wisdom of ourselves, our decision making process, too.
  2. Power. This is our center of power. It is important to keep our power balanced. To not give our power away too much, but to also not over power and seek to control many things in our life.
  3. Identity. A part of balancing our sense of power is to find and accept who we are as a person. Maintaining our sense of identity is important to keep up the work of decision making.
The solar plexus is the heart of deep belly laughter, warmth, ease and vitality from service

Solar Plexus Chakra Characteristics

Location: Between Navel and Sternum, above belly button

Sanskrit: Manipura- “city of jewels”
Influences: Willpower, motivation, confidence, independence– figure out who we are.
Element: Fire
Color: Yellow
Organs: Pancreas, digestive system, muscles
Age of development: 14-21 years
Affirmations: I am powerful, I have purpose, I am strong

Key issues: power, fear, anxiety, introversion, energy levels, activity, autonomy, individuation, will, self-esteem, proactivity

Identity: ego identity

Demon: Shame

Basic Right: to act and be an individual

Balanced: Confidence, responsibility, reliable, self esteem, warrior energy, power of self transformation, overcome inertia, self starting, assert our will, spontaneity, take a risk

Deficiency: low energy, weak will, easily manipulated, poor self discipline, low self-esteem, cold- emotionally and physically, collapsed middle, attraction to simulants, victim mentality, blaming others, passive, unreliable

Excess: overly aggressive, dominating and controlling, need to be right/ last word, manipulative, power hungry, deceitful, attracted to sedatives, tempertantrums, violent, suborn, competitive, arrogant, hyperactive, perfectionism, anger, hatred, status and recognition

Associated Diseases: Eating Disorders, Diabetes/blood sugar control, digestive Problems, Ulcers, chronic fatigue, hypertension, disorders of the stomach, pancreas, gallbladder, liver, cancer

Healing practices: risk taking, grounding and emotional contact, deep relaxation/stress control, vigorous exercise, martial arts, yoga, sit-ups, psychotherapy

Stay Powerful!

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*there is no attempt by this blog or by any of its authors to diagnose, treat, or give medical advice for any medical conditions.

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