The Difference between Soulmates and Twin Flames

Have you ever wondered what type of soul connection you and your significant other have?

There is much confusion on what a soul mate or twin flame is, these terms are so popular to hear about. Many people think that they are just different words for the same type of connection. I have found that this is not the case. Here, I will share my take on the difference between soulmates and twin flames. The intention I have for this article is to encourage you and bring a little more light and curiosity into understanding these soul-connections.

The Soul Mate Connection

Harmony is the foundation of the Soulmate relationship. You and your soulmate are meant to live happily ever after. You two have probably spent many happy lifetimes together, perhaps have even had children and a family together in a past life. Your connection is strong and undeniable. The happiness of the past lives and breathes in the memory of your souls. You are in each other’s soul family, or soul group. These are souls who agree to incarnate together, to share lives together.

It is common to come across or have several different Soulmate relationships within your lifetime. This type of spiritual relationship does not have to be a romantic one– your soulmate can be your children, your parents, or even a friend. This soul connection means that there is a close bond between you and your soulmate.

It’s like you two are the same flavor of ice cream– happy to see so many similarities between you and another.

The Twin Flame Connection

You and your twin flame’s purpose is not bring joy to each other, such as in a soulmate relationship. But you two are meant to bring light to your communities and uplift others too. This is a soul-deep relationship, there was never a time when your soul and their soul were not existing without the other there. This is a relationship of growth. If there is any aspect of you that is less than Love, it will be brought forth in the relationship to be transmuted.

Having a Twin Flame is a very rare experience reserved for spiritually advanced individuals. The reason why finding your twin flame is so rare is because Twins often alternate the times when they incarnate into the physical plane. While one is living their life on earth, the other often acts as a guide. The reason for this is that each twin holds an immense amount of light, and when the two meet in the physical, the light is so powerful– perhaps too powerful for their environment at times.

Opposite Lives

The lives of the two twins are often so different and so opposite, that it is difficult for them to come together and remain in each other’s lives for very long, to be together means both have to give up everything they’ve known before meeting each other. But together, they can accomplish such a light work that they could not complete on their own. You and your twin flame’s soul assignments are often the same, or you work closely together for a similar purpose. Your twin flame is your opposite.

It’s like two different flavors of ice cream. Separate and opposite, and can also work well with each other. Like chocolate and caramel.

The earth is expanding how much light it can hold, which allows for some to meet their twin. But, it is common for one twin to be spiritually aware, while the other participates in regular day-to-day earth life. It is unknown whether or not everyone has a twin flame. But, when you do come across this kind of soul relationship, it’s familiar and undeniable.

My rule of thumb is this: if you are questioning whether someone is your twin flame or not, they are most likely are not your twin.

Anything is Possible

And if you are wondering if someone is your twin, I’ll say this: Let it go.

Anything is possible, and releasing the expectation of a twin flame to come into your life leaves room for all sorts of wonderful experiences in your life. Easing into flow and the process of life is necessary, forcing things will bring heartache. Letting go and releasing control brings an ease to life, whether they are a soul mate, twin flame, or any deep connection you have with another. Surrendering my identity as a twin, letting go the entire idea has led me to mine. I believe it is key in the twin flame journey to let go.

Let me know what you think about the difference between soulmates and twin flames in the comments!


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