Third Eye Chakra: Anja

Ajna: “Divine Eye”


Just as the endocrine system brings balance in our lives, our perception and growing perceptions of things brings balance into our lives. Our intuition is always perceiving, we tap into that perception of intuition as we are stabilized in the lower chakras, and have established ourselves through the throat and heart centers. Intuitive abilities are inherent in all of us, developing them takes time and patience.

Aspect: Feminine
Physical location: Between eyebrows/ upper part of palate
Key Focus: Pattern recognition

Key issues: Imagination, clarity of thought, intuition, dreams, to know the way to follow, the place to connect with one’s own inner guidance.
Element: Light, ether
Color: Indigo
Organs associated: pituitary/endocrine system pineal
Age of development: 35-41 years
Affirmations: I am aware, I am connected to guidance, I see, I know

Identity: Archetypal

Orientation: Self reflection

Demon: Illusion

Basic right: To see

Inner aspect: Intuition

Emotional Action: Clarity

Spiritual Action: Meditation

Balanced: clairvoyance, perceptive, telepathy, intuition, dreams, imagination, good memory, good dream recall, think symbolically, good visualization

Deficiency: poor memory, eye problems, insensitive, lack of imagination, denial, difficulty recognizing patterns, can’t visualize

Excessive: Headaches, hallucinations, delusions, nightmares, difficulty concentrating, insomnia

Healing Practices: Create visual art, visual stimulation, meditation

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