Throat Chakra: Vishudda

Vishudda: ”Purification Center”


This energy center is all about creation and expression. It’s about being able to express what is in your heart and mind. Communication with others and relationships are formed through this center. A balanced throat center allows the rich, inner world to be expressed to others. It also allows a balance of giving and receiving in your life. This flow of giving and receiving allows purification to happen in our lives.

Attribute: feminine
Location: Throat, neck, shoulders
Key focuses: Communication, speaking truth, purification center, balancing and purifying of opposites, communication and resonance, relationships with others
Element: space/sound
Color: light blue
Organs Associated: Thyroid, voice, metabolism.
Age of focus: 29-34 years
Affirmations: I am expressive, I share my truth, it is safe to speak my truth, I am balanced

Identity: creative, feminine energy is creative

Orientation: Self-Expression

Demon: lies

Basic Right: to speak, to be heard, communication

Balanced: Resonant voice, good listener, clear communication, leads life creatively, able to work through “people problems”

Deficiency: fear of speaking, small, weak voice, quiet, afraid to speak up, difficulty putting feelings into words, introversion, shyness

Excess: too much talking, poor listening, talking as a defense, dominating voice, interruptions, gossiping.

Physical symptoms: disorders of the throat, ears, neck, tight jaw, jaw disorders, throat ailments, fear of speaking, stuttering, sore throat, persistent cough or “losing” of the voice.

Healing Practices: loosen neck and shoulders, release voice, song, dance, speaking, writing, self expression, practice listening/ silence (if in excess), most balanced when we speak truth and good things.

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