What if I’m Wrong?

 What I learned from cleaning out my closet.

Today I decided to sort out my closet. I, like many people, have many clothes that I hardly wear. This creates lots of clutter that I deal with daily. I’ve wanted to clean out my closet for a while now, but it has always been too overwhelming.

I have told myself in the past that cleaning out the closet is hard. Throwing things out is rough. I want to hold onto clothes that “I might need one day” or clothes that are “practically new” but never worn.

I was telling myself a story about organizing my closet– That it’s too difficult for me to do. What if I’m wrong about this story I created?

What if it’s not difficult at all to sort out my closet?

What if admitting that I could be wrong makes me happier?

Our brains want at any cost to make ourselves right. When thoughts come into our mind, our brains think that every thought is right. Even if the thought isn’t true, our mind thinks it’s true. Not everything we think is true. Some thoughts are facts, some are opinions.

It’s kind of like how not all things written on the internet are true; not all of our thoughts are true. Sometimes facts and opinions are tricky to sort out in our minds. How we help distinguish this is by going against what our mind wants– we need to be willing to be wrong.

The mind wants to be right more than it wants us to be happy.

So we’ll keep living stories like “it’s too hard,” “it’s too much,” and “I’m not enough” over and over again. Not any of these thoughts are facts. They are opinions that we believe to be true, and so we live by them as if they are laws.

But, what if we are wrong?

What if I’m wrong, and cleaning the closet isn’t so hard?

What if I’m wrong about not having enough time to accomplish something?

Being wrong opens up possibilities, the ability to do things that you didn’t believe were possible. Sometimes, to make changes to shift towards happiness, we need to be wrong.

And I was wrong. Cleaning my closet was easier than I thought. A relief, even.

Being wrong made me happier!

I invite you to challenge one thought today– just one thought. See where it leads you!

It may be easier than it seems, it’s ok to be wrong.

Love you all!


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