What if you just let it all go

What if you let go of all the expectations of others.

You let go of your relationships and others opinions, just for a moment, you embrace the uncertainty. You let go into the void that is life, and you just let it wash over you like the ocean.

What if you let go of structure and expectations, and the how to’s.

Let go of social media and the numbers and the right way to do things.

If you let go for a moment, maybe you’ll find yourself.

Maybe you’ll find that glimmer of creativity that you were missing. Maybe you’ll rediscover that mystery that is life. Maybe you’re actually lost in everything that isn’t you, all of the material things, the expectations, the drama.

Maybe you’ll find yourself if you let everything else go.

Not all of us are meant to be in the world of labels and expectations and performance. Maybe for some of us, that world dims our light, the spark of creativity and that essence that makes us live and do things that make us feel alive.

And what happens when we let all of that go?

We just might find ourselves.


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