Emotional Healing Through Yoga

On the last day of my yoga teacher training, we gave our final presentations. In the first half, we presented a yoga sequence. For the second half, we talked about our experiences through the teacher training. I was the last one to present– I was so anxious about presenting, everyone before me had gone and done a fabulous job. After I had started presenting, I was crying and way too nervous, I couldn’t follow my notes. It was embarrassing! I couldn’t believe I couldn’t even get through my presentation without having a hard time. I was never good at speaking in front of people, and I was living in my fear with everyone watching me– Crying in front of a group of people.

I finally stopped looking at my notes, and I begin to teach the asana sequence from my heart. Not from my head, and not from my notes. As soon as I got in my body and in my heart, expressing myself through the movement, I felt better. I stopped crying. I stopped feeling anxiety during my presentation. I felt peaceful. Yoga had helped me shift my perception and feeling in minutes. I was then able to give the rest of my presentation, and I loved it! I loved that I had cried in class, I could really try out my healing tools– my yoga mended my emotions so beautifully!

The movement of the body mindfully helps to process emotions.

I have practiced yoga asana when I’ve been angry, sad, anxious, joyful, sleepy, excited– in so many different states of emotion. And every time I’ve practiced yoga, it’s helped me. It’s improved my life no matter what I was emotionally feeling at the time.

We have different energy centers through our body called the chakras, and in our body is where we feel and keep those emotions. By moving our bodies it helps to process and quiet the emotions we feel, or that we store in the body. I’ve found that most of the time, those challenging, stretching postures that many of us find uncomfortable are not primarily physically uncomfortable most of the time. They’re emotionally uncomfortable.

It’s uncomfortable to do many hip openers, because we are feeling the emotions that are stored there. A lot of the time, those strong emotions are pushed down, down into the lower chakras, in the lower body. To be prevented from processed and felt in the heart. As we physically move our bodies through these emotions, they are being processed. And you’ll probably feel them during your yoga practice.

That’s ok.

Feel it, thank it, and then let it go.

It’s being released  within the movement because your yoga practice is healing you.

Love you guys!



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