It’s been a while.

Hey there. It’s been a while since I’ve posted here on this blog.

Yes, I did republish a lot of old posts recently. I also did a little segment on affirmations and the chakras, but that writing wasn’t truly from the heart.

I had actually convinced myself that my posts and writing in general is incoherent, and that nobody would want to read it. I told myself that my blog wasn’t professional and that some of the things I would write about would be cringey or boring and no one would want to read.

And maybe that is the case. Maybe no one wants to read, and maybe I’ll only reach a handful of people with this blog. But I also realized that I don’t want millions of people reading. I want the right people reading. Even then, even if no one reads that’s ok. Because this blog is for me. It’s my place to be messy and write what’s on my mind and to not take life so seriously.

So, if you are here reading this, thank you. I hope you find something you need, if I can help you then that is the icing on the cake.

Not everything we do needs to be for the purposes of making money or trying to change the world. Sometimes we just write because we want to, and that’s ok. It doesn’t take away from the value and time you are putting into it.


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