I feel like a little kid learning to color with crayons again. Picking the right colors, Trying to fill the spaces. Choosing a picture that I would like to bring to life. Working with direction, textures, mixing and experimenting. Being so excited when my new art is finished, Desiring to show someone what I amContinue reading “Crayons”


Autumn’s Beauty

It’s been a really long time since I’ve created a youtube video or meditation. I was feeling a bit creative and put together a short visual meditation. Enjoy! I’m still pondering on if I should keep making videos on youtube, other meditations and such. I’d really like to keep creating content, but not at theContinue reading “Autumn’s Beauty”

Crown Chakra: Sahasrara

Sahasrara: “Infinite Thousand Vastness” “Wheel of a Thousand Petals” The Crown Chakra is where we are connected to the divine. This is where our intuitive abilities originate, where we receive them. This is the center where we know our true purposes here in this life. When connecting to the Crown, it is important to notContinue reading “Crown Chakra: Sahasrara”