Meditation and You

How to be Present More than anything, I have found that meditation is the best in bringing me to the present moment. Meditation has been proven to decrease physical pain and anxiety. But, what exactly is meditation? It’s a technique used to attain a state of consciousness that’s different from the waking state. Meditation isContinue reading “Meditation and You”


Open your Mind with Crown Chakra Affirmations

Connect with the Divine The crown chakra is our connection to our own higher power. Ultimately, it helps us to connect with ourselves. The crown chakra drives self fulfillment and it also is the center where your talents and gifts are found. Connecting with the crown chakra allows us to receive inspiration and find ourContinue reading “Open your Mind with Crown Chakra Affirmations”

Tap into your Intuition: Third-Eye Chakra Affirmations

See with clarity. The third-eye chakra is probably one of the most well-known chakras. I see people on the internet all the time trying to open their third-eye or wanting to get deeper into meditation to tap into it. The third eye chakra is the center of intuition and perception– it’s about seeing with clarity.Continue reading “Tap into your Intuition: Third-Eye Chakra Affirmations”

Throat Chakra Affirmations for Speaking Your Truth

Communication is key. Speak your Truth The throat chakra is the center we speak from. It is the center of sound, so saying affirmations out loud benefits this chakra in a tangible way. The throat is also about communication, speaking your truth. A clear throat chakra is one where we can speak our truth andContinue reading “Throat Chakra Affirmations for Speaking Your Truth”

Heart Chakra Affirmations: Open Your Heart!

It’s all about love. Open Your Heart Affirmations have the ability to help the heart chakra to open up to the concepts of love, forgiveness, compassion, and acceptance.  It’s all about love. Accepting love into your life through opening the heart. Receiving love. Giving love. Letting love into your life. So many of us areContinue reading “Heart Chakra Affirmations: Open Your Heart!”

How to Build Self Confidence: Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations

Are you ready to tap into your personal power?  How Can I Build Confidence with Affirmations? The Solar Plexus Chakra is a powerful chakra to connect with. Tapping into this chakra through affirmations can bring strength, motivation and vibrancy into your life. This builds onto the concept of self-love. Once we establish a good senseContinue reading “How to Build Self Confidence: Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations”

Increase your Self-Love with Sacral Chakra Affirmations

The Sacral Chakra is most well known for relationships– the relationships we have now and the patterns we carry with relationships. While this is true, I would argue that when you are trying to heal the Sacral Chakra it is best to focus on self-love. Self-love is what nourishes healthy relationships and it is the most important aspect when you are entering a new relationship, or trying to repair an existing relationship.