Root Chakra Affirmations to Become Grounded

Have you ever felt disconnected from what is happening around you?

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Becoming Grounded

Strengthening your connection to the root chakra is one way to become more present and grounded in your life. It’s about connecting with nature, with your body and plant life. 

When you feel ungrounded it feels as if you cannot connect to the world around you. It’s like a “head in the clouds” feeling, and you can’t find your way back down. Feeling ungrounded is also related to anxiety or poor judgment of what needs to happen in your physical world. 

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Growing up.

(You don’t need to live your best life right away.)

I always thought my life would lead me in a particular direction. The momentum of my life was building up to a particular outcome, and then things changed. Things stopped. Things shifted with a bang. I think this same thing can be said for everyone. Someone told me just yesterday, “I don’t know who I am anymore.” And it’s not about what’s happening on the outside, or what the world, the media, or anyone else says is happening. The change is within. The change has started years ago within ourselves, and the results from that are happening now. These massive breakdowns and identity crises, they are meant to break down who we thought we were. To break that momentum of a life that we are outgrowing.

“I don’t know who I am anymore.”

I’m having to start over. I have had to rethink everything, there’s no easy way out of this.

But oh, how strong we will be when we grow ourselves into new, evolved beings. I’ve started back with the very basics. I didn’t work for about 8 months this year. Each day was filled with fear, and anxiety for the next one. I was just surviving day to day. All cares about money aside, I had enough saved up to cover my basics. Some weeks I would barely leave my bed. I was sleeping in my parent’s dining room (transformed into a bedroom with sheets over the doorways), I had minimal privacy. But I felt more secure then I had in a long time. Anxious, but secure. I felt some sort of chrysalis stage forming, and one day I had the courage to start looking into applying for jobs. I could feel my extended winter blues beginning to soften, and I could participate in society again. Even if it was in a small way.

I went to a lot of interviews, and was told “no” a lot. People didn’t want to hire a person like me, but I needed some sort of purpose, so I kept looking. Now I work in a call center, which is probably the most boring and exciting job all in one. I don’t want to be there forever, but now I recognize that some steps I need to take in life are baby steps. I don’t need to start living my dreams right away. It takes time to build them up, and steady thinking and planning. You can’t just walk in to your dream life.

You have to build up the life you want step by step.

Sometimes you are meant to start over with the momentum of your life. Sometimes you’re not going to know who you are. What better way to return to the basics?

Who am I?

Ask yourself this and think.

Who am I?

Now really think, who are you? beyond all the labels, the titles, the past experiences, the money, the lack of money, the failures and all the successes.

Who am I?

I hope your heart will lead you to who you are, who you need to know yourself to be now. Remember you are love. You are hope and light, you are all that is joyful.

Build the life you’re dreaming of, step by step. Remember you don’t need to get to the destination today.

Intuition: Trust Your Body

Did you know that your body is continually speaking to you?

We all know we have different sensations for our physical needs.

Your body communicates to you when it’s tired.

It tells you when it’s hungry, or cold.

Did you know that your body can determine truth for you too?

Your body can tell you if a decision is right for you, or not.

When you hold a thought in your mind, it is then reflected into your body as a sensation. This sensation is known as a feeling or emotion. You can feel your emotions anywhere in your body, especially around the chakras.

 When one of these sensations feel constricted, tight, bad, or you can feel the flow of energy stop, then that thought, or decision, is not right for you. 

When you feel expansive, light, and at peace, then that means it influences you in a positive way. 

You can tell how a situation will turn out beforehand, by your feelings. You can feel into the energy of the experience. 

I personally am working on trusting those sensations in my body to help me determine what decisions to make. I find that I’m actually tapping in to the energy of that potential situation and environment just by holding the thoughts about it in my mind. That feeling I have just thinking about the situation will only grow as I walk into that situation.

Trust your gut, trust your body, trust your chakras to lead you to where you truly want to be.

Healing through Life’s Experiences

If you are in a painful situation right now:

Every hurtful thing that’s ever happened to you, you have given permission for it to happen on the soul level/your higher aspects/God allowed it. 

Because your higher self allowed this pain to happen, ask yourself:

“What am I supposed to learn from this?”

It’s like you are the one causing the pain to happen to yourself in the first place, though not consciously. 

So, if another aspect of YOU is causing this pain, what are you trying to teach yourself? 

What message are you sending to yourself through these hard experiences?

What are you trying to teach yourself?

What if life isn’t about relationships?

What if it’s not about getting somewhere, achieving something or being with someone? 

What if it’s about learning what our soul needs and simply nurturing ourselves? 

Isn’t that the only thing we truly can control?

To be completely honest and transparent with you all, I’m tired of following all the “blogging rules.” This is just supposed to be a place where I can share my journey with you, not to create perfectly polished posts.

So, my posting may be irregular, that’s fine with me. As long as I’m being authentic, I can’t go wrong.

I know you guys are reading, though I don’t hear from you much on my end. If you have a minute please leave a comment or send me a DM on Instagram (@healingmyhope).

I’d love to hear from you guys and connect with you all.

Have a lovely night!

Moving with the Breath

I still see myself as a beginner at some things when it comes to my yoga practice.


I started to practice yoga a little differently than I usually do this week.

It’s been just over a year since I have completed my teacher training. During my regular personal yoga practice, I’ve discovered that my focus is on what poses I should do.

What pose comes after this one? What is my apex pose going to be? What poses am I going to do before Savasana? For this practice, I decided to move my focus from what pose I’m going to do, and instead I decided to focus on my breath. Continue reading “Moving with the Breath”

On Giving Advice

This topic has been on my mind lately.

Giving advice, or receiving advice from others. Everyone seems to have an opinion on most, if not everything you do. I’m pretty sure all of us have received advice that was not wanted or needed before. I am also sure that we have all given advice or have tried to help someone, but in the end it was not really any help to them.

Generally, I like to think that people can handle life and all it brings on their own. They know where to find me if they need help, and my self- worth and self-value does not decrease if someone does not want advice from me. Those people that don’t need my help are just being themselves. Continue reading “On Giving Advice”

For When you’re Hurting

Just remember when you feel unsafe, all the safe things you desire are protected within your heart. All this hurt is coming from outside of you. Pain is an experience, it isn’t you. What you’re looking for is in your own heart.

Your heart connects you to the skies and the ground. Your heart links your inside to the outside. Your heart is the bridge between the physical and the spiritual. What lives in your heart shall come to you in time. Until it does come— your safe place is within your own heart.