Influencers, Careers, and… Life Purpose?

1 in 4 people in gen z want to be an influencer for their career. I read that statistic from somewhere recently and I am not surprised. Lately, and I’ve been feeling this for a long time. Influencers are trying to get your follows, trying to get sponsorship deals and trying to make this theirContinue reading “Influencers, Careers, and… Life Purpose?”

Do Something Different

This the inspiration that came to me from watching a recording of a yoga class. “Do something different” If you’re feeling depressed, do something different. If you’re feeling anxious, do something different. If you want a change, do something different. It seems so simple. so simple, in fact, that we might overlook it.  “I’m doingContinue reading “Do Something Different”

Autumn’s Beauty

It’s been a really long time since I’ve created a youtube video or meditation. I was feeling a bit creative and put together a short visual meditation. Enjoy! I’m still pondering on if I should keep making videos on youtube, other meditations and such. I’d really like to keep creating content, but not at theContinue reading “Autumn’s Beauty”