You Can Heal Yourself

It’s not yoga that heals you. It’s not essential oils that heal you. It’s not medicine or any other thing. It’s the experiences that heals. It’s not the mind that takes a drug and then it’s healed, it’s healed from exposure to new perspectives. As we choose these new, healthy, more balanced things in ourContinue reading “You Can Heal Yourself”


Intuition: Trust Your Body

Did you know that your body is continually speaking to you? We all know we have different sensations for our physical needs. Your body communicates to you when it’s tired. It tells you when it’s hungry, or cold. Did you know that your body can determine truth for you too? Your body can tell youContinue reading “Intuition: Trust Your Body”

Moving with the Breath

I still see myself as a beginner at some things when it comes to my yoga practice.   I started to practice yoga a little differently than I usually do this week. It’s been just over a year since I have completed my teacher training. During my regular personal yoga practice, I’ve discovered that myContinue reading “Moving with the Breath”